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Jasmine's Recollections

(Photo: Yen Tu Mountain)

I must say that when I think about my travels and experiences with you and my Sangha, I continue to feel warmth in my heart and a smile on my face

….these few weeks spent with the Sangha and your guidance prepared me to handle the challenges I met upon my return with grace and compassion

….the sequence of places and subject matter was perfection.

….the quality of accommodations and food, and the manner of travel I could not have been better

….the only part I disliked was the experience at Dong Ba Market, Hue....being originally from New York...I can handle crowds, but upstairs was

cramped beyond belief, and we were incredibly hassled and hustled...(it felt like India).

I am eternally grateful for this experience.

~ Jasmine Gage

(Photo: the "Over 70's Group")

(Photo: cable car up Yen Tu Mountain)

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