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We increase our impact through meaningful partnerships


Our community partnerships include:

Action for the City: Working primarily in Hanoi and Hoi An, Action for the City promotes sustainable urban community development. The organization's objectives are to re-create open space for public and recreational activities; to build organic urban gardens for re-vegetation purposes and safe food production; and to empower community groups and local authorities to jointly take action for a greener and healthier urban life. Action for the City works in partnership with local NGO's and international volunteer groups.

For The Children Viet Nam: This Vietnamese NGO Agency was established in 2013. It is headquartered in Hoi An, Quang Nam Province. Its founder and director, Mrs. Vy Thuy Nguyen, started the organization in an effort to support children with their education and to provide living skills courses and vocational training for children. Their programs include Creating Access to Books, Scholarship/Sponsorship Programs, Living Skills and Joyful Learning Courses. 

The Kianh Foundation: An NGO organization operating in the Hoi An area of Viet Nam since 2000. Registered in both Britain and Viet Nam, their state-of-the-art center, located in the poor, rural area of Dien Ban, currently serves more than 100 children with a wide range of disabilities – Cerebral Palsy, Down's Syndrome, Spectrum Disorders – by providing mainstream education, physical development, and very specialized behavioral management.

Project RENEW: Operating in Quang Tri Province, this project is dedicated to clearing the land of unexploded live ordinance leftover from the Vietnam/American War. Their services include education of the children, as well as assistance for individuals and families affected by the loss of a limb and/or of the means to make a living.

Peace Trees Viet Nam: 

Peace Trees Viet Nam, a Seattle-based NGO, has been active in Quang Tri Province since the mid-90s, with a mission to heal the relationship between Viet Nam and the US. They do this in many ways, one of which has been to bring volunteers who have planted over 45,000 trees, in an area where all trees were destroyed by bombs and/or herbicides.


Their community outreach includes building kindergartens and libraries. In 2018, Loving Work friends participated in the Opening Celebration of the Ta Leng School in Dakrong, near the Lao border, which was funded by a dear Sangha friend.The school serves 400 ethnic minority families. 

News and Highlights

Our Partnerships

Making Loving Work Possible



We love this place. Mrs. Dieu Van was previously the on-site director of the Beloved School in Hue, a project that was under the auspices of the abbess of a Buddhist pagoda. They served approximately 75 youth of varying ages, but when the abbess passed away, the school was forced to close. This was tragic for the young students, all of whom were physically and mentally challenged in some way. In Viet Nam, in most families, both parents work to make ends meet. The daily care of a special needs child can be extremely challenging for a family. Often, such children must be left home alone, sometimes locked in, for their own protection. Such families are desperate for support.


Mrs Van has an indomitable spirit. She found a benefactor who helped her procure a building, improve it, and purchase the necessary basic furniture and supplies. The new school became a reality. Smaller, yes, but with just as much love and patience and dedication from Mrs. Van and her capable staff. Friends from Holland who had been supportive of the earlier school continue to do what they can to be financially supportive, along with others who have connected with the school. We, at the Loving Work Foundation, are grateful to our Dutch friends who reached out to us, encouraging us to visit the school which we have now been doing for several years.



Most of the children at the school are deaf. Many are mentally challenged. The belief is that they suffer from genetic damage caused by the Agent Orange Herbicide that was sprayed heavily in Central Viet Nam during the American War.


We are very happy to have Tam Binh Center as a Community Partner.


There are many ways to become involved in the Loving Work undertaken by our organization and our global community.

You may join us on retreat; many friends return year-after-year. If a visit to Viet Nam does not fit into your future plans, you might enjoy providing financial assistance to one of our partner organizations. We can redirect those funds for you. We also welcome donations to our Discretionary Relief Fund, to provide assistance to our volunteer retreat practice leaders, and to cover our modest operational costs. Giving to our Retreats Scholarship Fund, to help offset the cost of two annual scholarships, is yet another opportunity to practice generosity. 


Become a Friend

The Loving Work Foundation  is thrilled to offer opportunities for our friends to financially support programs in Viet Nam that provide educational opportunities for disadvantaged children.  


We currently work with three organizations that provide opportunities for friends to support their programs. Your gifts go directly to help children in need. So little is required to make all the difference in their lives.

For The Children Viet Nam

This organization works with public schools to identify children whose family situation prevents them from staying in school. The cost of school fees for one year for one child is USD180 (50-cents per day.) 

  • Read the stories of a few of the children-in-need. Your donation will change a child’s life. We will direct your gift to For the Children who will confirm its receipt and acknowledge your generosity.  

  • Read a sample of letters from the children and one from a supporter.

Kianh Foundation

This organization offers a day school for special needs children, from toddlers to age 18. They serve children who, until a few years ago, had absolutely no options. Many were left alone at home while parents worked. In some cases, children were tied to their beds to prevent them from wandering away or having an accident. In other cases, parents were giving up their children to the State, because of an inability to provide for them. The Kianh Foundation provides a professional and hopeful alternative to the families they serve. Contributions are welcome and appreciated; the cost of sponsoring one child's education for a year is $720.

Please email the Loving Work Foundation for details.


The Loving Work Foundation

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, our sole means of financial support comes through donations made by compassionate supporters of our work. The majority of our operating budget is comprized of donations made by each retreat participant as part of the registration process. We also gratefully receive support from other friends around the world and welcome checks or online contributions. Most of the funds we receive go directly to cover costs associated with the service projects in which we participate during the Loving Work Retreats. We endeavor to keep administrative costs as low as possible, on average only 10% - 15% of donations received are used for adminstrative purposes. Foundation Board members, nor retreat practice leaders, receive any remuneration for their work. We do, however, pay a fee to our local organizer, as well as to our web manager. Any funds not spent on work projects or administrative costs are allocated to a Discretionary Relief Fund, from which we can offer additional financial assistance in circumstances of need brought to our attention by our partnering community agencies. Our aspiration is to make the greatest possible impact with the generous donations we receive.

Thank you for your support.

Other ways to give

In lieu of giving online, you can arrange to make a donation via bank deposit, wire transfer, or personal check.

For information on how to complete these transactions,

please email us at

A Culture of Financial Transparency

The Loving Work Foundation is committed to sustainable resource management and community building, working through grass-roots community partnerships to ensure that donations we receive are unitilzed in the most impactful way possible.  

We maintain a culture of financial transparency so that our donors can see how funds are allocated. Please contact us at if you would like to request a financial statement.

When making your gift, please be sure to email us

and let us know it's on the way.  And, if you'd like to designate your gift for a specific purpose, or to honor

an individual,  please note it in your email.

Give online

We accept donations through PayPal to make giving more convenient. Please click the button below to make your gift. Thank you for your generous and compassionate heart!


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