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Le Ly Hayslip, Our Friend

We are proud to have, as one of our community partners, Le Ly Hayslip, founder and director of Global Village Foundation. Le Ly is a true Humanitarian who has worked for over 30 years to improve the lives of children and families in Viet Nam, the country in which she was born.

Famous for her book, When Heaven and Earth Changed Places, a memoir of her life in Viet Nam during the French and American Wars, Le Ly first worked through the East-West Foundation, an organization she founded and directed. More recently her acts of kindness and generosity are managed through her Global Village Foundation.

Each year, one or both of our retreats include a visit to Le Ly at her ancestral home in a village very near Marble Mountain, not far from the city of Da Nang. There, we meet her elder brother and sister who continue to live in the family home and care for the ancestral altar.

Our donations sometimes fund rice for an orphanage; or Le Ly might learn of a need for supplies for a nearby women’s and children’s hospital (visited by our 2018 Loving Workers), or our donations allow her to deliver food and clothing to Peace Village, a residential community for the Disabled. Wherever there is a need, Le Ly does her best to meet it. We’re happy to play a small part in helping her to do her work.

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