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Melody & Don, Innovative Contributors

The creative juices began to flow when Melody and Don made the decision to join their second Homeland Retreat.

Melody immediately solicited the involvement of her ophthalmologist who agreed to donate 40 pairs of reading glasses which she would bring to gift to the poor in Hoi An.

And, Don immediately joined the effort in his unique way. He managed to spill ginger ale on his MacBook laptop, rendering it useless. This was, however, the perfect challenge for Melody who resists throwing things away.

Simultaneously, the call came from our friend, Vy, Director of the Hoi An- based organization, For the Children. A student had been accepted at a local university. He was required to have a computer, something his family could not afford. Could we at LWF help him?

Thanks to both Melody and Don, Yes, we could!

Melody Kawamoto and Don Sherman practice with the Being Peace Sangha, Cinncinati, Ohio, USA.

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