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Dear Everyone

Dear Everyone,

You are all in my heart.

I have told many people about how wonderful it was to meet the Vietnamese people. So generous and warm hearted. Smiling and sincere. The food, the accommodations, especially at Hoi An. I felt at home with all of you during our meditations and Dharma discussions. Home can be challenging and I felt challenged to be more present than I habitually am. It required being quiet and listening always watching any sense to judge or criticize. But also to be aware of the qualities of peace, love, compassion and joy that arose spontaneously. I was particularly moved by our mindful movements in Sa Pa, placing movement in the heart. The memorials to the women, Heroic Mothers with all the examples of sacrifice and perseverance in daunting odds. The veterans coming together to recognize with compassion that both sides were human playing overpowering roles and building remembrances for truth and peace.

To be present at Thay’s root monastery was so powerful for me. There was a deep stillness when we meditated around the pond. Of course the My Lai ceremony was a moment of unique awe at just being witness to the power of compassion and forgiveness and to be present as if I were Thay. What a beautiful challenge of the heart. All the leaders of the grass roots organizations inspired me to look deeper at my activism.

I miss you all. Have a great summer. Namaste’ Steven

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