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A French woman at home in Vietnam

I found the English flyer of the LWF last year during a retreat in Plum Village, it has been obvious I will try to join the moment

I read it.

I am rooted in Vietnam by my father and now by my heart family of Plum Village, so coming to practice there was for me very meaningful.

The moment I met the first member of the retreat in Hanoi,I felt home, It was so wonderful to share the practice with American people in Vietnam, to experiment the feeling of being a drop in the same river.

I am still deeply moved by the ceremony of taking refuge in the root Temple of Thay. The open hearts we met in the different NGO’s are strongly present in my daily life as a powerful help on my path. Now when I sit on my cushion I join the marvelous monks and nuns in Vietnam and the group of the LWF somewhere around the world. Still I keep words and smiles as testimony of living Interbeing.

Nathalie Nguyen, Loving of the Heart, is a French citizen living in France, she practices at Plum Village.

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