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Duy Hải ngày 1/12/2016

Chào bà!

Cháu tên là Vy. Lâu nay bà có khỏe không? Cháu lâu nay bận học nên chưa trả lời thư bà được. Bà đừng buồn cháu nghe. Nhà cháu có 3 người: ba, mẹ và cháu nhưng mẹ cháu bị ốm nặng. Kinh tế nhà cháu khó khăn cháu mong bà có thể giúp cháu có đủ điều kiện để học tập. Cháu cảm ơn bà.

Chào bà,

Huỳnh Thị Kiều Vy

Duy Hai 1st December, 2016

Dear !

My name is Vy. How have you been? I did not write to you sooner because I was busy at school. I hope you do not feel sad about that. My family has 3 people: my father, my mother and I. My mother gets sick seriously. We have difficulties. I wish you can help me continue going to school.

Thank you.

Huynh Thi Kieu Vy

* In Vietnamese “” means Grandmother, which shows both love and respect – a very affectionate word. (Further explanation by the translator)


Duy Hải 9th January, 2017

Dear uncle!

My name is: Phạm Nguyễn Nguyên Vũ

I was born in a poor sandy village. My father is a farmer; my mother is a worker. My family is very poor, since we had your help, my parents have enough money to support me to go to school. I am very grateful to you!

I wish you health, happiness and success in life.

Phạm Nguyễn Nguyên Vũ


Here is the letter from Sylvia and Peter, our friends from California who sponsor several students. This is a good example of a letter that will be easily understood by a Vietnamese child who lives in a rural village who had never seen a foreigner, until we began to work with the local NGO, For the Children.

Dear Child,

We regret that we are not there with you today.

To look in your eyes and press in your hands a scholarship.

We believe that Education is Freedom and the Way to Peace.

We encourage you to study hard and share what you learn with others.

Become a leader in your school, community and the world.

Soon we wish to hold your hands, look in your eyes and smile.

Giving & Receiving,

Peter Andrew & Sylvia Aurora 🕉

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