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There are many ways to get involved in the Loving Work undertaken by our organization and retreat participants. Consider participating in our Loving Work Retreat, or our Joyfully Together, Discovering the Homeland of our Teacher Retreat – you can even join us for both! If a visit to Viet Nam does not fit into your near future plans, you might enjoy providing sponsorship assistance through one of our partner organizations. We also welcome donations to grow our Discretionary Relief Fund or to provide support for our volunteer Practice  Leaders, both of which make this good work possible. 


Thank you for your support!

Loving Work Retreats

Participate in community building through service-oriented work projects that support the health and wellbeing of Vietnamese children and families.

* Retreat costs per person varies based on choice of accommodations. Registration fees  cover all accommodations for this retreat, including: all food, all tips (exception: for Coordinator), and all ground transportation and air transportaion within Viet Nam. NOT included are the costs of Transportation to Viet Nam, the required  Project Funding  Contribution, tip for Coorrdinator,and Dana (donation) for the teachers. 

Volunteer with Peace Trees International in Quang Tri Province.

Volunteer in the Prostetic Program organized by Project RENEW in Quang Tri Province

Provide Assistance to Families affected by accidents related to Agent Orange and/or Unexploded Live Ordinance, left over from the Viet Nam/American War.

  • Possible Loving Work Service Projects: 2023

  • Dates:  March 24 - April 05, 2023

  • Email us to learn about this year's optional 'add-on' trips in South East Asia (Singapore & Malaysia).

  • Cost of Retreat:

Shared Accommodation –  USD 1,560 

Private Accommodation – USD 1,944

How To Register

Our retreats fill quickly. Registration is deliberately limited to 20 participants (plus Dharma Teacher and Coordinator) to ensure that the retreat experience in enriching for all involved. If you would like to join us for our next Loving Work Retreat, follow the steps below:



Receive Initial Confirmation

We will review your Registration form and contact you to confirm there is space for you in the retreat you wish to join. We'll  provide links for you to make your registation deposit payment and Project Fundraising Contribution.


Please prepare to make your deposit of $725 USD. Send to us by Feb. 15.



Participants are asked to raise a minimum of $400 USD from within their family members, friends, local sanghas and communities. See Callista's letter in our 'Shared Experiences' section for ideas and tips on how to easily fulfill our request in  a pain-free way! We call this process "Friend-Raising"!  These funds are used to support our selected service projects and other projects, pagodas  and temples we  visit during the retreat.  All remaining funds  are allocated to a Discretionary Relief Fund used to support ongoing projects in local communities. (Contribution due July 15, 2022)


Receive Final Confirmation



Make Final Arrangements

Understanding the truth of Impermanence , we advise you to purchase  REFUNDABLE International tickets or travel insurance to cover the unexpected.


Joyfully Together, Discovering the Homeland of Our Teacher Retreat

"Go as a River," and travel as a Sangha, exploring the homeland of our teacher, Thay Thich Nhat Hanh. Enjoy the people, the views, and the delicious and wholesome food of Hoi An and Hue in the Central, Hanoi in the North, Ha Long Bay, Ninh Binh, and Yen Tu Mt in the far Northeast. 


Practice in active monasteries, including our 'Root Temple', Tu Hieu, visit historic sites and pagodas, tour humanitarian aid projects, and enjoy a variety of cultural events.

  • Dates: Sept 30 - Oct 16, 2022

The Registration Fee covers all accommodations for this retreat, including: all food, all tips (exception: Retreat Coordinator), all ground transportation and air transportaion within Viet Nam. NOT included are the costs of Transportation to Viet Nam, Project Fundraising Contribution, Tip for Retreat Coordinator, and Dana (donation) for the Dharma Teacher are not included. 

Please Note: if you plan to register for both the Loving Work Retreat and the Joyfully Together, Mobile Retreat; you must complete a separate Reservation Request for for each.

How To Register

Our retreats fill quickly. Registration is deliberately limited to 20 registered participants to ensure that the retreat experience is enriching for all involved. If you would like to join us for our 2022 Discovering the Homeland of Our Teacher Retreat, follow the steps below:


 Write to us and tell us which retreat(s) you wish to join.


Receive Initial Confirmation

We will review your Request and contact you to confirm there is space available, and to  provide instructions and links for you to make your registration deposit payment and Project Fundraising Contrubution.


Upon initial confirmation, please  make your deposit of $350 USD for each two-week retreat and $100 USD  for the Togetherness Retreat. Your deposit will guarantee your space for you. (Please note:  We will confirm the EXACT amount of the full registration fees in early July.  


Homeland Retreat participants are asked to raise a minimum of $400 USD from family members, friends, and from within their local sanghas and communities. (See Callista's article in the Shared Experiences section for inspiration and ideas on how to easily fulfill our request.. We call this process "Friend-Raising". This financial support is used to fund the service projects undertaken during the Loving Work Retreat, and as gifts to projects, pagodas, and temples we visit during the retreat. The remainder is allocated to a Discretionary Relief Fund used to support ongoing projects in local communities. 

Note: Those joining BOTH two-week retreats are NOT required to double their minimum contribution.


Receive Final Confirmation

We will begin sending final confirmation , complete with our itineraries and Retreat-planning information in early July, to those from we have received a deposit.  


Make Final Arrangements

After final confirmation you will need to secure transportation to and from Viet Nam. The balance of your registration fee is due by 03 August. 

  • Cost of Retreat (Approximate):

Shared Accommodation –  USD 2,575

Private Accommodation – USD 2,975

Become a Sponsor


For The Children Viet Nam

This organization works with public schools to identify children whose family situation prevents them from staying in school. Sponsorships with For The Children are $150 a year. Follow this link to see the file on each student who currently needs a sponsor. Then, email the Loving Work Foundation to let us know which child you wish to help. Your $150 will change your child's life. We will arrange to direct your donation to For The Children and provide confirmation of sponsorship.

Kianh Foundation

This organization offers a day school for special needs children, from toddlers to age 18. They serve children who, until a few years ago, had absolutely no options. Many were left alone at home while parents worked. In some cases, children were tied to their beds to prevent them from wandering away or having an accident. In other cases, parents were giving up their children to the State, because of an inability to provide for them. The Kianh Foundation provides a professional and hopeful alternative to the families they serve. Contributions are welcome and appreciated; the cost of sponsoring one child's education for a year is $720. Please email the Loving Work Foundation for details.

The Loving Work Foundation  is thrilled to offer opportunities for our friends to financially support programs in Viet Nam that make it possible for children to have access to education and other essential resources. 


We currently work with two organizations that provide spornsorship opportunities, with commitments ranging from $150 – $720 annually. Your sponsorship gifts go directly to help children in need. Your gift can make all the difference in their lives.



A Culture of Financial Transparency

The Loving Work Foundation is committed to sustainable resource management and community building, working through grass-roots community partnerships to ensure that donations we receive are unitilzed in the most impactful way possible.  

We maintain a culture of financial transparency so that our donors can see how funds are allocated.

Send a check

We are able to utilize 100% of the funds we receive by check. If you wish to make such a gift, please make checks payable to Loving Work Foundation at the following address: 

Loving Work Foundation

1212 Caperton Way

Charleston, SC  29412

Other ways to give

In lieu of sending a check, you can arrange to make a donation via bank transfer or wire transfer.  For information on how to complete these transactions, please email us at

The Loving Work Foundation

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, our sole means of financial support comes through donations made by compassionate supporters of our work. The majority of our operating budget is comprized of donations made by each tour participant as part of the registration process. We also gratefully receive support from other friends around the world and welcome checks or online contributions. Most of the funds we receive go directly to cover costs associated with the service projects we participate in on the Loving Work Tours. We endeavor to keep administrative costs as low as possible, on average only 10% - 15% of donations received are used for adminstrative purposes. Only our Retreat Coordinator and Retreat Registrar are paid for their services. Those funds are generated by our Retreat Registration Fees.Practice Leaders do not charge. In the tradition of the Buddha, we believe the Teachings are to always be freely and happily given. Any donations not spent on work projects are allocated to a Discretionary Relief Fund, from which we can offer additional financial assistance in circumstances of need brought to our attention by our partnering community agencies. Our aspiration is to make the greatest possible impact with the generous donations we receive. Thank you for your support.

When making your gift, please be sure to email us and let us know it's on the way. And, if you'd like to designate your gift for a specific purpose, please note it in your email and on the note line of your check (for gifts sent by mail).

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